RWC Fire Dept. Urges Clearing of Brush, Grass Near Homes

The fire danger in 2014 is worrisome fire officials say.

Redwood City firefighters     Photo: Joan Dentler
Redwood City firefighters Photo: Joan Dentler

The following is a message from the Redwood City Fire Department:     

With projected meteorological indicators suggesting a record low amount of precipitation, potentially early spring, and a hot and dry summer, fire officials say the fire danger in 2014 is very worrisome.   

The Redwood City Fire Department urges all residents living in the hilly portions of Redwood City, San Carlos, and Unincorporated San Mateo County, to clear brush and grasses to a minimum of 30-ft to 100-ft from their homes or to the property line, whichever comes first. Doing so creates the defensible space as required under State law.

Specific methods for performing the clearing of dead or dry vegetation and other fire safety tips can be viewed by visiting the Fire Safe Council of San Mateo County site at www.smcfiresafe.org and CAL FIRE at www.fire.ca.gov. The Redwood City Fire Department is an active member of the Fire Safe Council of San Mateo County.

The Redwood City Fire Department has continued the vegetation inspection program performed by fire department staff and will do so until further notice. All property owners are strongly urged to do their part in reducing the risk of a major urban wildland interface/intermix conflagration that will affect our communities.


  • That cutting and mowing grasses and weeds 4"-6" inches in height will greatly reduce the hazardous fuels and reduce the spread of wildfires?
  • Low growing fire resistant vegetation is also encouraged to be planted around the home. 
  • Removing dead and dry brush around the home should be done in the same fashion as with the grasses. 
  • Removing dead and dying tree limbs six to eight feet from the ground will also increase this defensible space. 
  • Removing pine needles and other debris from your roof and gutters is also a critical measure in protecting your home from a fire. 
  • The recent freezing cold weather that the area experienced in November and December of 2013 has also contributed to killing off brush and trees. This vegetation is now even dryer than it was before the lack of rain.
  • All forms of fireworks are illegal in Redwood City, San Carlos, and the Unincorporated San Mateo County? These include fireworks advertised as safe and sane as listed by the California State Fire Marshal's Office. Any person found using such illegal fireworks can be cited and will be held financially responsible for the suppression cost.


Please contact the Redwood City Fire Department at 650.780.7400 for additional information regarding wildfire awareness and creating a defensible space. 



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