Redwood City Double Bank Robber to Face Trial

Police caught the suspect after he left a trail of bills behind them, leading them to his hideout.

A man accused of robbing two Redwood City banks in one month is about to start trial.

Twenty-four-year-old Kendrick Dorice Roby Jr. was out on parole from a previous crime when he feigned having a gun and robbed the BBVA Compass Bank on Woodside Road on Oct. 22, 2012. 

On that day, Roby walked into the bank and up to the counter, and then jumped the counter. He had his hand in his pocket, pretending he had a gun. He told two female clerks that he would shoot them if they did not give him money.

Roby reportedly took $3,064 in cash and fled the bank.

As he ran from the bank, he dropped a trail of bills out of the bag of cash behind him, leading police all the way to his hideout in a home on Hudson Street.

There, police found Roby with the bag of cash and dye packs. When police questioned him, he admitted to only pretending to have a gun. The two female bank tellers positively identified him as the man who robbed the bank.

After the incident, Redwood City Police realized the case of the Compass Bank robbery beared a striking resemblance to another recent robbery that had taken place just 10 days earlier at a U.S. Bank branch, also in Redwood City.

On Oct. 12, a man had jumped over the counter at U.S. Bank, told bank tellers not to move or they would be shot, and then stole $1,500 in cash off the counter.

After further investigation, police charged Roby with both robberies.

Roby appeared in court in Redwood City on Monday to face charges for both robberies. He is set for a jury trial, to begin on March 11.

Roby is currently in custody on a total of $150,000 bail - $50,000 for the first robbery, and $100,000 for the second.

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