‘Piggy’ Violates Probation, Gets 8 More Months

Norteño gang member receives eight months on top of 16-month sentence from Santa Clara County.

A Redwood City teen who was convicted of stealing property in 2010 violated his probation when a gang task force caught him in possession of a handgun. A sentenced him to eight additional months Tuesday.

Adan Jaime Velasquez-Nuñez, 18, known as “Piggy” amongst gang members, was with two other individuals on Oakside Avenue in the Fair Oaks Park area of Redwood City on Aug. 12. The defendant threw an object behind a car when he noticed the San Mateo County gang task force approaching him, according to Deputy District Attorney Morris Maya.

The task force searched the defendant and discovered ammunition and an empty clip in his back pocket that fit the gun. The Norteño gang member admitted his affiliation with the gang and admitted that the silver and black handgun was his.

Velasquez-Nuñez was sentenced to an additional eight months for possession of a hand gun, a felony according to the gang statute, Street Terrorism and Enforcement Protection (STEP) Act.

Velasquez-Nuñez could only be sentenced to a maximum of eight additional months because the law states that defendants can only serve one-third of the maximum sentence of the crime. The felony was punishable by two years, or 24 months.

He also picked up a strike, which goes on his permanent record.

“It’s a big deal,” Maya said. “Picking up a strike follows you forever. It doesn’t matter what you do in the future.”

Should Velasquez-Nuñez commit a future crime, he will receive an enhanced punishment because of the additional strike.

“It’s a real game changer,” Maya said of this deterrent effect. “If they offend again, they warrant a more severe punishment.”


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