Neighbors Evacuated as SWAT Surrounds North Fair Oaks Home

The Sheriff's Department credits the community's tips for leading them to the suspect.

Neighbors near a home in North Fair Oaks where sheriff's officials believe an armed robbery suspect is holed up this afternoon are being evacuated.

The suspect, Miguel Angel Caballero, 30, is suspected in as many as in the Redwood City area and today was tracked to a home on Williams Avenue near Third Avenue, where police and sheriff's deputies have been staked out since about 9 a.m., Lt. Larry Schumaker said.

The activity is occurring near the Caltrain tracks, and some Caltrains have been delayed up to 45 minutes, according to one passenger.

A SWAT team has surrounded a beige single-story house in the residential neighborhood. SWAT officers wearing camouflage gear and bulletproof vests can been seen on nearby rooftops and outside the fence of the home where the suspect is believed to be.

Caballero is the prime suspect in at businesses in Redwood City and North Fair Oaks since Aug. 7.

Investigators said that numerous tips came in following the release on Wednesday of video surveillance and photographs that clearly captured images of Caballero at the businesses while they were being robbed.

Officers arrived at Caballero's home on Williams Avenue shortly after 8:30 a.m. Schumaker said that Caballero came out of the front of his house at some point this morning but quickly went back inside when he saw police.

Negotiators have been in contact with the suspect, who is considered armed and dangerous, but so far he has refused to surrender.

It is unknown if anyone else is in the home.

Neighbors who are leaving their homes are being directed toward Second Avenue, past police lines that have been set up on Williams Avenue.

--Bay City News


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