Man Attacks Ex's House with Knife While Children Asleep in Next Room

The suspect reportedly slashed the entire house with a large knife, destroying the apartment.


A jealous Redwood City man is in custody after attacking his ex's house with a knife while their two children slept in the next room.

According to the San Mateo County District Attorney's Office, Yelman Rojas-Canton, 23, and the female victim had ended their four-year relationship two years ago. The pair have two young children together.

On the evening of Friday, March 15, Rojas-Canton was reportedly texting back and forth with his ex, and became angry when he believed she was dating someone new.

Around 3 a.m., Rojas-Canton reportedly drove to his ex's house. He saw her standing outside the home talking to two people, whom the victim told the DA's Office were a female friend of hers, and the friend's boyfriend. However, Rojas-Canton reportedly thought the male was actually his ex's new boyfriend.

The DA's Office said Rojas-Canton sat in his car for a while watching the three talk. Then, when his ex got into her car to move it to a different parking space, Rojas-Canton entered her home without permission.

At that point, Rojas-Canton grabbed a large knife from the kitchen and began ransacking the home with it, slashing belongings and generally destroying the apartment by stabbing walls, ripping doors off closets, stabbing her cell phone, and more.

Rojas-Canton then reportedly stole his ex's wallet, passport and credit cards and fled the home with them, along with the butcher knife from the kitchen.

During his tirade in the house, the couple's young children were asleep in the next room. Thankfully, the DA's Office indicates they do not believe the children witnessed the incident.

The ex called the police, and Rojas-Canton was caught nearby, still possessing the victim's belongings, and was arrested by Redwood City police.

Rojas-Canton is currently in custody on $50,000 bail. He appeared in court on Friday, and a preliminary hearing for his upcoming trial is scheduled for April 18.

What do you think the punishment should be for his actions? Tell us in the comments.


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