High School District Employee Gets Jail and Fines for Worker's Comp Fraud

A custodian for the Sequoia Union High School District was filmed running in high heels and engaging in sex after claiming an injury was preventing her from working.

A woman who was filmed running in high heels and engaging in oral sex in a public park while claiming to be too injured to work was sentenced Thursday to nine months in San Mateo County Jail for workers' compensation fraud.

Modupe Adunni Martin, 29, of Hayward, was immediately handcuffed and taken into custody Thursday morning after receiving her sentence in San Mateo County Superior Court in Redwood City.

Prosecutors allege that Martin, a former custodian for the Sequoia Union High School District, claimed she suffered an ankle injury while working in 2009, and subsequently told her employers that she was unable to walk.

After as many as 10 separate medical assessments over three months, doctors grew suspicious that Martin was exaggerating her injury, and she was placed under video surveillance.

Investigators filmed Martin using crutches to walk into her medical appointments, but walking without crutches shortly after.

According to prosecutors, Martin was also filmed running in high heels to meet her boyfriend in a park where, a short time later, she could be seen kneeling in front of him, engaged in a sex act.

Doctors viewed the video and concluded that Martin had misrepresented her injury, according to prosecutors.

She was arrested in August of 2009 and charged with 10 counts of workers' compensation fraud.

Martin pleaded no contest to one felony count of fraud this past October.

Defense attorney Emily Andrews said Martin was "very remorseful" and recognized the gravity of her deception.

Superior Court Judge Craig Parsons called Martin's false claims of a serious ankle injury "egregious," and said she would be "punished for her activity."

In addition to a nine-month jail sentence and three years of probation, Parsons ordered the defendant to repay more than $79,000 in defrauded funds.

- Bay City News


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Jeni December 13, 2012 at 11:27 PM
Wow, she thought she would fake a work-related injury and receive workers' compensation, but now she has to pay $80,000. I certainly hope this woman doesn't have kids to care for. How sad for the district.
Michael Craig December 14, 2012 at 06:12 PM
Many people are not aware but California is the Workers Comp Fraud Capital of the U.S. Millions of dollars of fraudulent cases are paid out as "nuisance cases" because there are not enough staff to check all the bogus claims. I suggest a National Database that tracks all Workers Comp and PI cases so that way when someone tries a scam in another state it is easily picked up. I am sure if we could put a camera on lots more cases we would save millions of dollars and scare people away from attempting to defraud the state. California is known for being very easy to scam and get free money for bogus claims. Maybe some of the bogus claim money that is clawed back can help local schools that are hurting for money?


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