Grandma Convicted of DUI Won’t Pay Restitution Fees

All Hajiyeva, 56, was placed on three years of probation but won’t pay any restitution fees to the other driver involved in the car crash.

Alla Hajiyeva, 56, appeared in court today at a second sentencing so the District Attorney’s office could decide if she had to pay any additional restitution costs to the other parties involved in the crash in Belmont on March 31.

Hajiyeva to a DUI charge causing injury back in June. She admitted that she had a blood alcohol content level over .15 while her 5-year-old granddaughter was in the car, according to Deputy District Attorney Kim Feldman. The legal limit is .08.

The grandmother will pay $290 in fines and an additional fine of $2,351 associated with DUI convictions. However, she won’t have to pay the victims or her granddaughter any restitution for damages.

The judge also sentenced her to 120 days in jail, but she had served that time waiting for her trial and was released today.

Hajiyeva will serve three years of probation and is subject to search at any time. She must abstain from alcohol and undergo DUI-related treatment programs. At one point during her probation, she must enter a complete live-in and residential treatment program.


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