Bar Brawl Leaves Bloody Security Guard at Francesca's (VIDEO)

Beer bottles started to fly inside the Mountain View bar soon after a crowd-pleasing rap concert by Oakland-based rapper Philthy Rich.

A female security guard at Francesca's Sports Bar was injured as she and others tried to stop a bar fight that ensued after one o'clock in the Saturday morning.

The bar located at 2135 Old Middlefield Way in Mountain View had presented Oakland-based rapper Philthy Rich as its headliner that night and the bar was packed with revelers from across the region.

After artist Philthy Rich finished his set and left the premises around 1:13 a.m., bar patrons began to leave. A t first it appeared that the night would end without incident, however the Mountain View Patch Editor observed that at about 1:20 a.m. one of the three female bartenders exited the bar and told two Mountain View Police officers standing at the door that they needed to go inside because there was a fight.

WATCH VIDEO of the scene outside of Francesca's after a bar fight that started inside and spills into the parking lot.

Patch, from outside the bar, saw people begin to rush outside and through the open door saw blood drip down the female security guard's face—even as she continued to try and pull people apart. Then the door closed, but not before a MVPD detained one man leaving the bar for questioning. He was later released.

And though there had been at least four patrol vehicles already in the area almost immediately more cops arrived to help quell the tense situation. Some officers entered the bar to stabilize fight and other attended to other altercations in the parking lot.

Paramedics with Engine No. 3 of the Mountain View Fire Department were called in to assist the wounded female. Another male security guard was observed putting ice to his head and exclaim that it was because of a bottle. He declined any medical assistance. No one left by ambulance.

A sergeant with the MVPD told Patch after the incident had de-escalated that there had been no arrests that night.

Where you at Francesca's Friday night? Did you see what happened? Share in comments.

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Alicia C. January 15, 2013 at 02:09 AM
Sigh. I actually went there after a couple of friends "checked in" there on FB. Once I saw the 4 squad cars hanging out there, and the security/bouncers outside the door, I decided maybe I should go home instead. Glad I did.
Claudia Cruz January 15, 2013 at 06:56 AM
I arrived before the concert ended to take some video of the artist and everything was cool inside. You know, people dancing and singing to the music. The artist got out fairly quickly from the stage and into his car. I'm not into crowds, so I got what I needed and went outside. But I am still a reporter and hung around, just in case. As you can see from the video, I was outside when the fight broke out. I am fortunate, as one of the officers pointed out, that it wasn't worse and people used something other than bottles to fight. I was careful.


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