Where Does Mohair Come From?

Would a bunny make a good pet for you? The Peninsula Humane Society is here to help you find out.

You’ve heard of an Angora sweater, right?  It comes from the fur of an Angora rabbit. Well, some of it.  Not much is made entirely of Angora rabbit fur, especially for people living in our mild climate, but Angora and Merino wool blends are common.

How about a camelhair coat?  Comes from the two-humped Bactrian camel. Mohair coats, however, do not come from a furry little mo.  The only mo I know is Moe from the Three Stooges and no one wants his hair. Mohair comes from an Angora goat.  Guess Mohair sounds better than Goathair. Cashmere?  From a Cashmere Goat, of course.   

What does this have to do with my work? This week, a lot.  But, I have to backtrack to last November.

A man rescued a little white, fluffy bunny he found stray near the San Mateo Bridge entrance at 8 pm. The furry little guy had twigs and brambles entangled in his super soft fur.  This Good Samaritan drove back to our San Mateo shelter and left the bunny, with a note, in our After Hours receiving area.

Under our veterinary staff’s watchful eyes, the little Angora bunny we named Pip began to gain weight. By the time our March 3 rabbit adoption event (Get Your Hands On Our Buns!”) rolled around, Pip was ready for his new home. 

Visitor Rachel Spangler, a Belmont resident, asked if we had any Angora rabbits. The long-time bunny lover -- with three at home -- had recently taken up knitting. Our resident bunny experts were hopping with joy at the prospect of pairing Rachel with Pip.

Many adopters are drawn to the Angoras and other long-haired bunnies because of their looks, but few understand their extensive grooming needs. As a result, rabbits develop painful mats in their fur.

We knew this would not be an issue with Rachel, a novice knitter, who would groom her bunny every other day for the fur.

Rachel hopped through a few adoption hoops, and it was done.  Pip was the best story from our March 3 bunny adoption extravaganza, but not the only one, by far.  In a 10-day stretch, we found homes for 14 rabbits (20, including the following week), thanks to media buzz before and after our event. 

But, that buzz is gone, much like the annual pleas kids make to parents for bunnies right before Easter.  Bunnies are literally and figuratively yesterday’s news, but we still have 30+ who need home, including the thumpers pictured here.  Our counselors are ready to play matchmaker again and again and again. Our motto: chocolate bunnies for a holiday, real bunnies for a lifetime.


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