Triumph at Terremere

I have a new favorite football team.

Football is probably my favorite sport. Maybe not to play (because I don’t have much experience with that), but most definitely it is my favorite sport to watch.

The stereotype that girls don’t understand anything regarding football is completely false.  When September hits, I am camped out on my couch every Saturday, watching as much football as I can. Stanford is my team, but I make sure to cheer for the rest of the Pac-12 as well… except for the Bears.

But this past week I realized that I should have a different favorite team.

Okay so Sequoia isn’t the De La Salle or the Bellarmine of the Peninsula. They don’t headline in the San Francisco Chronicle in the high school sports section. But in my mind, they should.

I guess I’m a little biased.

I was on the sideline, reporting, from Sequoia’s Terremere Field Friday night. We were playing Fremont, first game of the season, and I was sort of freaking out because it was my first time taking stats.

The game started promptly at seven. Fremont got the ball first and off the kickoff they ran it into the end zone for a touchdown. It ended up getting called back on a holding penalty, but still they scored moments later. It was already 7-0. 

Whoa. I wasn’t expecting that.

As the first quarter went on and turned into the second, Sequoia was down 19-0. I was freaking out a little bit. But the coaches weren’t. 

They told the players to not let it get them down. They told them that it was okay. There was tons of time left in the game, don’t worry.

At halftime the scoreboard read 25-7. We had gotten on the scoreboard but had dug a deep hole for ourselves.  I was a little nervous.

The team wasn’t.

I don’t know what Coach P said in the locker room, but the Cherokees came out firing. They did not let the Fremont Firebirds score one more point and marched all the way to a nail biting, stressful, and amazing victory winning 26-25.

I think I forgot that I was supposed to be taking stats. I cheered and yelled and got so pumped up. This was my school. I was cheering for my classmates, my friends, and those tall people that I passed every day in the hall.

When we go back to school after a restful weekend, the players blend into their classes like everyone else. They are students, ready to learn. But on the field Friday nights, they are something else. They are our heroes, representing our school and playing with all their might. They defend us against our rivals and give us school pride.

Thank you football team. Thank you for staying after school long after all other sports practices and tutoring sessions have ended. Thank you for taking a beating out on the field and not giving up. Though you may not know it, you truly inspire all 2,000 of us students. You make us remember why we love high school and why we are proud to go to Sequoia, win or lose.

Go Cherokees.

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dorothea September 04, 2012 at 02:53 PM
a young woman with inititive . i like it. hope more like you are out there.
Dee Eva September 05, 2012 at 07:54 PM
I read Laurel's column about the Sequoia victory and it brought back memories of our days at Sequoia with their 39 game winning streak and the Bull Moose Backfield. I would love to see the school spirit elevated to what it used to be. Keep up the good work, Laurel, and you'll help to bring it back. Go purple and white! Go Cherokees!


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