Photos: Stulsaft Park Through a Different Lens

This huge park, that sits right in the heart of the city, provides hours of entertainment for visitors of every age group.

Stulsaft Park, situated on Farm Hill Boulevard in Redwood City, is home to the
famous “crayon park," the well-known upper grass field (that many soccer teams and summer camps use throughout the year) and the many acres of natural forest and chaparral that constitute the park.

During the summer months, Stulsaft Park attracts hundreds of visitors, ranging from infants and their parents playing at the park, outdoorsy hikers exploring the hidden trails and paths along the hillsides and deep in the bushes, to couples looking to just relax and eat lunch in the picnic area. In essence, Stulsaft Park emerges as a summer retreat.

Those Redwood City residents who do not regularly frequent the park may just find some summer fun this year, as there are a wide range of activities available to visitors. Parents can enroll their kids in summer camps, where they play and do activities, and occasionally spend the night in the park. Outdoor enthusiasts can spend the day hiking along the creek or on the dirt paths winding through the trees, and kids can play in the mini water park, on the play structures, or on the fields
and amphitheater near the picnic sites.

The park can be accessed from several points, including a main entrance on Farm Hill Boulevard, another off of Goodwin Avenue and several others located behind homes and on side streets. No matter your age or interests, Stulsaft Park is a fun and engaging place for family and friends, and a perfect refuge from everyday city life.

This summer, be sure to check out the many wonders of Stulsaft Park, as there may be a surprise in store for you yet.


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