Sequoia Students Stampede for Sports

The second annual Sequoia Stampede 5K Walk/Runis raising funds for the sports programs.

It’s nearly impossible to articulate exactly what playing sports means to students. Is it the bonding? The awards? The experiences? It’s all that and a little more, which is why Sequoia High School Sports Boosters Club is presenting the 2nd Annual Sequoia Stampede 5K Run/Walk on Saturday at 9 a.m.

Check out of last year's stampede.

The Booster Club lists the goals as follows:

  1. Raise funds to support ALL Sequoia sports programs.
  2. Bond Sequoia High School and the local community.
  3. Involve ALL athletes, students, and faculty.
  4. Involve all of Sequoia’s extracurricular programs.
  5. Create a learning experience for students by allowing them to help organize the event and volunteer on event day.

Students explain just what the sports programs mean to them.

Anna Dagum:

Sequoia sports teams have come a long way in recent years, with multiple factors playing into the abounding successes. While it’s no lie that Sequoia is home to some of the best athletes in the district, with track stars the Bliss twins, juniors Alex and Alyssa, as well as varsity swimmer Lilly Nelson who clinched Sequoia’s win against Carlmont Thursday April 12, we are nothing without the generous donations from the Sequoia booster club and sponsors around Redwood city.  

So in support of the myriad of talented students that grace Sequoia’s gyms, fields and pool, we ask for everybody to attend the Sequoia Stampede this Saturday to raise money for Sequoia sports teams and help us obtain the funds necessary to travel to CCS and PAL championships.

Because when the winning goal is scored, or you out touch your opponent by a nanosecond, it’s that moment where the people standing on the sidelines screaming and cheering are not your teammates, they’re your family; and that’s when you realize that it’s not as sport, it’s a lifestyle.  

Laurel Dearborn:

Being an athlete for Sequoia has been one of the best experiences of my life. It isn't just about competing and winning, but it is about knowing that people have your back. Everywhere I look at swim meets or at practices, I know that I am surrounded by people that I can count on.

Doing a sport creates bonds and friendships that could have never been foretold before. I love my teammates like they are my family. After someone does something well, or even if they had a hard time, we always give each other big bear hugs and let each other know that we have their back and that we are proud of them no matter what.

That is what being a Sequoia athlete means. 

Visit http://www.seqstampede.com/Stampede.html for details and to register!

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