Poll: Do You Support an Additional Cigarette Tax?

Proposition 29 would add $1 to the cost of a pack of cigarettes.

The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network donated $1 million to the campaign for Prop 29 today, which would raise the price of a pack of cigarettes in California by $1 if voters pass it on June 5.

The $1 tax, which would be on top of the 87 cents in cigarette tax Californians already pay per pack, would go toward cancer research, smoking cessation programs and youth smoking prevention.

In January, the California chapter of the American Lung Association on its tobacco report card, stating that the city is not protecting its citizens from the dangers of tobacco, according to a study released today by the California chapter of the American Lung Association.

Do you support the additional tax, or do you think cigarettes are taxed enough already? Vote in the poll below.

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Buck Shaw April 21, 2012 at 03:15 PM
Is it "Smoking" or is it "Smoking Tobacco" I see a problem here. No distinction between the two. What about the religious use of incense. That sicking use of candles in stores (even Greeennn Soy ones). Not to mention "Old Lady Perfume". That wonderful two faced Cancer Society can't do anthing wrong. "Oh my God, Martha he's dissing a Chairty". One side is against Marjauana and the other side is ( Hiyashi) is introducing a bill in the California State Legisature supporting it for medical use and we all know the arguments for that. One million dollars is a lot of money. To donate in there name not yours. Should be like PBS does it. Then on the other hand, how much did it cost to buy off Hiyashi. While I'm at money issues. What is the salary of the CEO of the Big Corperations that run the Cancer Society. Anybody Know? All bet the Occupy People have a delema there. On one hand there nice and on the other its a big Corp. Sacrosanct "Non-Profits" don't have to tell you. Do they! Why not? Something to hide? Tax it and keep taxing it more and it will go away, they say. Just like those evil millionaires, evil corperations, evil oil companies, and evil coal burning cars (EV's). Trouble is I want my kids to grow up and become Millionaires.
Jennifer Tegnerud April 21, 2012 at 03:59 PM
I would make sure you know exactly where CA tax money is going before voting on this, it seems like a hidden agenda tax, sounds good to the dumb public "it raises money for cancer research" but in reality;(taken from http://www.noon29.com/the-facts) Billions in New Taxes, but Nothing to Fix the State Budget: Raises taxes by $735 million annually without allocating any money to pay down our $10+ billion budget deficit or fund existing critical programs like education or public safety. Allows California’s Tax Dollars to be Spent in Other States and Countries: Does not require any of the new tax revenue to be spent on research in California, or even the United States. Tax money raised from Californians should be spent in California to create jobs. More Wasteful Spending: Allows a new, unaccountable board to spend up to $110 million every year buying buildings and real estate for huge for-profit companies. Nothing requires those buildings to be built in California – they could be out of the state or even out of the country. Permits Conflicts of Interest: Allows organizations represented by Commissioners to receive taxpayer funding from the new Commission. Circumvents Voter-Approved Protections for School Funding: Voters approved a constitutional amendment requiring 40% of new tax revenue go to schools, but the career politician behind this measure is using a loophole to get around this requirement.
john davidson April 21, 2012 at 04:56 PM
The tax is to keep the anti-smoking crusade alive and funded. The proceeds can be given to anybody anywhere around the world thats in tobacco control! Thats what is going on.
Buck Shaw April 21, 2012 at 07:48 PM
Now let me understand this. Cigaretts cost $1 a pac more in california after Prop. 29. Thats $20 a carton more. 24 cartons in a case. 6 or 8 cases in the back of my truck every time I go out of state and come back in. Now to the local flea market. I see some business oppertunities here. What do you think? Mr. Eliot Ness
Barb Valley April 22, 2012 at 03:46 PM
Thanks for the link. Interesting to note> This initiative is backed by former State Senator Don Perata of Oakland. Perata, a former leader of the State Senate and a losing candidate for mayor of Oakland in 2010, has financed the drafting and qualification efforts for the tax increase through a political committee he controls called HOPE 2012.
4freedom April 24, 2012 at 04:27 PM
Just saw the vote no add on TV with the actor wearing a fake scrub attempting to pose as a doctor. Not even a name tag lol. If you read the bottom you will see that it says "financially supported by Phillip Morris." the owners of Marlboro Cigarettes. I used to smoke cigarettes for 10 years. I'm very happy that I quit. Cigarettes are very harmful and they should not only be taxed but they should be illegal. If marijuana is illegal and not as harmful as cigarettes, than why are cigarettes still legal. I do not smoke anything but cigarettes are the most harmful of the 2 and they are used as a population control tactic. Cigarettes Kill! it has been proven if you keep smoking cigarettes eventually you will die from cigarettes.


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