Letter: Saltworks Is a Reasonable Balance for the City

North Fair Oaks Festival Director Catherine Matsuyo Tompkison-Graham argues for the merits of a Saltworks project.

To the Editor:

I am troubled that the Saltworks project from Redwood City. 

This region needs the housing, parks and recreation areas that DMB is offering. The project will go a long way to addressing the jobs/ housing imbalance. 

And although the goal of 100% wetlands restoration is commendable, there doesn’t appear to be a viable way to finance it. 

We must be realistic – the Saltworks project is a reasonable attempt to balance what need not be competing interests.    


--Catherine Matsuyo Tompkison-Graham


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Emily May 17, 2012 at 05:58 PM
But why can't housing be built in/around downtown and on existing transportation corridors? The RWC general plan already allows for more housing, but in places that make more sense for the city.
Eggbert May 18, 2012 at 11:56 PM
Ms. Tompkison-Graham makes the very human, understandable error of considering nature on a human time scale. Whether there's an immediate plan or financing to restore the wetlands is not the issue. If it takes another generation or three to underwrite that project - well, that's not even a blip on a planetary scale. In fact, Nature would do part of the work over that time, given the opportunity. Developing the spot commercially, on the other hand, saddles coming generations with the consequences of a short-sighted, irrevocable, selfish move.


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