Letter: Put Divisive Saltworks in Rearview Mirror

Resident and Redwood City Neighbors United member, Nancy Arbuckle, shares her opinion.

There has been a lot of talk about how divisive the Saltworks project has been. But as has discovered, as residents learn what the real impacts of this development would be, the community is not divided about this – we are unified in our opposition.

The divide is not among the residents of Redwood City but between Redwood City residents on one side and the developers DMB and Cargill on the other side.

And we’ve been talking across that divide for three years now, trying to tell DMB and Cargill in every way we know how – workshops, against the development on the Notice of Preparation of the EIR, letters, postcards, and polls, that we are united in our opposition to the Saltworks project, no matter how it is ultimately configured.

Since we are clear about where the divide is, we need to address how distracting Saltworks has been from what we as a city need to be focused on – our , the , , , etc.

And we need to be clear about the real costs to Redwood City taxpayers of this now withdrawn Saltworks project (or any “new” Saltworks application). As Redwood City Manager Robert Bell has said, “It is impossible to put a figure on the money and man hours spent on the project. It takes a lot of staff resources.” And he is not talking about costs that are reimbursable.

Isn’t it time we put Saltworks in the rearview mirror and move on?


--Nancy Arbuckle


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michael fair May 12, 2012 at 05:33 PM
Forget about the traffic and crowding issue - unresolved they may be. When you build on sand, you have problems down the road. Ask Redwood Shores residents about that.


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