Letter: Committee to Support Schaberg Wants a Public Meeting

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Editor's Note: In the spirit of , dedicated to an open and transparent government, Patch has decided to publish a letter that the Committee to Support Schaberg is sending to various Redwood City government entities. These and other letters are public documents that any resident can request under the California Public Records Act.


An open letter to Library Director Dave Genesey, the Redwood City Library Board, the Redwood City City Council and Library Foundation Director Georgi LaBerge:

As you all know, much discussion and publicity have occurred around the shortened Schaberg hours and the possibility of a Schaberg closure (a possibility confirmed by both Director Dave Genesey and Councilwoman Barbara Pierce).

Funds were discovered by the Library Director in September, 2010 that could greatly benefit Schaberg. Perhaps being open five days a week, instead of four, allowing for weekend hours and after school time 80 percent of the week for schoolchildren.

However, it has been reiterated that these dollars will only be used to fund programs; with the first of these monies being earmarked for retired librarian Chuck Ashton at the rate of (at minimum) $90/appearance, even if the appearance is only 20 minutes as noted at the San Mateo County Reading Association tea, or is simply passing out brochures at the Preschool Preview night sponsored by the Redwood City Mothers’ Club.

Many people have offered to volunteer time either in helping out with programs or doing fundraising for programs. Something that is easier to do than fundraising for Schaberg hours (or staffing Schaberg, something volunteers cannot and should not do).

There has been no response from any of you regarding these offers or why, as it was stated “That ship has sailed” in regards to ever considering using these funds for a jewel of a library.

Please let the community know why you believe that programming at the cost of a library (or, at the moment, access to the library) is a fiscally responsible decision? Especially, as has been noted, we are willing to help work together in order to fill programming gaps.

What we have been asking for is a public meeting but that has not been forthcoming (private meetings have been suggested by a member of council, but we believe that having everything in the open is the best course to take) with both directors and perhaps a representative from the City Council along with members of the greater community.

If we all have the same goal, wonderful, accessible libraries for our community, then this meeting will result in a stronger library and a stronger community.

The Committee to Support Schaberg

Bud March 19, 2011 at 03:53 AM
Perhaps the City Council could take a " Pay Cut " to help with the city budget woes ... if they keep paying Chuck the way they do, the little fund they have will run dry soon and then what ... more layoffs and pay cuts to hard working employees so they can continue to feed Chucks bank account ! Library Director ... GET A CLUE !!!
Bud March 19, 2011 at 04:07 AM
To Sharon Levin .... I highly respect and applaud your efforts in this matter and I look forward to a positive outcome. It's people like you that give a damn that REALLY make the difference ! Myself and our neighborhood really want to thank you !
Sharon Levin March 19, 2011 at 04:20 AM
Thank you. I am very lucky because I am not alone in this. There is a committee (and anyone who wants to be on our e-mail list, please do let me know) and wonderful people like you letting us (the committee) know that there is a lot of support. Not only for Schaberg Library, but for honest and open government. I am still hoping that our city officials will agree to an open, public forum very soon. The 'solution' of sending out a memo about this of course makes dialogue completely impossible. Again, thank you and thank you to everyone who is supporting this effort. As I keep saying (since I am a children's lit person) 'All the whos in whoville need to keep saying "We are here, we are here, we are here!!!"
Nada March 19, 2011 at 07:19 PM
I just came from Schaberg; picked up a book on hold, and browsed the shelves--the first chance I have had all week! Thank you, Sharon and your committee, for getting us Saturday hours. I hope we can get an actual increase in hours, not just this helpful switch--our libraries are increasingly important in these times when school budgets are being cut and so many are out of work. Realizing that the city budget is suffering too, I'm going to look for ways to contribute--joining Friends of the Library may be an easy start.
Diana Post March 20, 2011 at 11:41 PM
Yes, let's continue to fight to keep Schaberg Library open. This Library is within walking distance for me and I walk over and pick up my holds, DVDs, books. I also use the computer and printers, copy machine there. Keeps me off the roads during the day. Thank you Sharon for all your hard work.


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