Date Night in Redwood City

Two adults, no children, what to do?

We have reached a wonderful stage in our house.  One in which the new baby is sleeping a little more, eating a little less often and contentedly gnawing on anything he can wrap his chubby fingers around. 

Isn’t it wonderful at this stage to take a deep breath and realize, I want out of this house!  I want to have a conversation that doesn’t revolve around Thomas the Train or work!  I want a date with my husband!  The thought of some alone time with my husband makes me so giddy I can’t decide.

What should we do?

While there may not be a lot of interaction beyond laughing together and holding hands I find that having a shared experience can give us something to talk about for days after.  And when you’re dealing with nightly sleep deprivation, being able to tune in and turn off is a nice treat.  Movies on the Square has a nice selection of movies, including a personal favorite coming up next Thursday. 

Eating dinner with my husband is pretty commonplace.  Not cooking or cleaning can be easily done by ordering food in.  But eating dinner just the two of us without being interrupted by our children is indulgent.  Sharing a leisurely meal and conversation is a wonderful bonding experience.  We fell in love with last year and keep going back for their wonderful Pad Thai.

My husband and I love wine.  I would love to be able to hop up to wine country to try a variety of wines but date night just isn’t long enough for that drive.   And relaxing on the couch at home and opening a bottle after the boys have gone to bed just isn’t special enough to be called a date.  Luckily the in Redwood City has everything I want.  They are close by, have a variety of wines on tap to try, and comfortable couches to lounge on while you sip.  Savoring and sharing a glass of wine with your partner is sure to spark a great conversation.

Laundry, on date night?  I know, but children generate a lot of laundry and well, I’ve fallen behind.  So why not make laundry something to look forward to by making it a part of date night?  We can load the car up with all of the laundry and stake out a few dozen washers on a Saturday night.  While this may not be the most romantic date we can chat uninterrupted while sorting and make googly eyes at each other while we fold.  There is also plenty of down time while doing laundry at a Laundromat.  We can bring cards or a board game to play while we wait for the washer and dryer cycles to finish up.


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