BRRRRR!! Share Tips for Staying Warm in Cold Weather

We want you to share your best tips for getting the bed warm and keeping the house temperature tolerable without tripling the PG&E bill.

If you live in an older home with little or no insulation or a home with bad windows (I live in an old house with bad windows) you no doubt suffer for those first few minutes when you climb into bed.  

The cold weather is supposed to last at least until the middle of the week with a slight warming trend beginning Thursday so this cold bed issue will be with us for a few more nights.

Here is your Patch editor’s “Scuffy Skilmann” method for making that transition a more pleasant in this cold weather.  I have this great plate warmer I got about 15 years ago from my “kitchen-gadget” obsessed parents.  I unfold it and put it under the covers for about five minutes before going to bed. 

It also helps to have a cat sleep on top of the comforter.

What tips do you have for getting a bed warm before you climb in?  Tell us in comments. 

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Mark Taylor January 15, 2013 at 06:16 AM
Some other tips: 1)Invest in a quality wool blanket. Not the fake ones but a quality genuine wool blanket. Useful in older apartments and homes where winter heating tends to be expensive during the night. My wool blanket has lasted a number of years. When it does turn cold during the winter (temps down in very low 50's and 40's at night), the wool blanket pays for itself. 2) For really cold nights like what we have been getting, a comforter really helps out. These feather or artificial filled kind will provide that nice warmth. Both the wool and comforter can be dry cleaned and stored when not used. Pets, as noted, can provide warmth too. The old phrase "three dog night" (not the band!) was referencing how many dogs it was needed to keep the bed warm at night depending on how cold it was. Canines and cats can provide some excellent heat providing you have enough space. They also make excellent alarm clocks at times.:-)


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