Letter to the Editor: '1000 Women on Board' for Shelly Masur for Supervisor

With her background in public health, education and women's issues, Shelly Masur is the clear choice for San Mateo County's next supervisor.


The election is quickly approaching - mail-in ballots drop this Tuesday, Oct. 9 - and with many candidates on the ballot, voters should stay informed about who will best benefit our community.

To spread the word about candidate Shelly Masur’s campaign, in addition to appealing to women voters, an event was held at the Redwood City Women’s Club this past Friday, Oct 5 called “1000 Women on Board.”

At the event, Masur stressed the importance of involving women in politics.

“If I get elected, we will all work together to get more women elected on the local level,” she said.

Masur continues to gain the support of many Redwood City women with her views and ideas on issues in the community.

Among the myriad commitments a member on the Board of Supervisors deals with, Masur’s focuses are education and public health.

After being elected onto the Redwood City School District (RCSD) Board of Trusttes in 2005, Masur has dramatically increased the quality of public elementary schools in the Redwood City School District as well as test scores, despite the suffering budget.

“Her work on the RCSD school board proves she can make the tough choices required to balance a complex budget while still meeting the needs of the students,” said Pamela Estes, a board member for the Redwood City Parks and Arts Foundation.

In addition to possessing the skills needed to balance a low and complicated budget for our public schools, Masur has more than 20 years of women’s health and nonprofit management experience. She holds a master’s degree in Public Health, and when roughly one-third of the county budget deals with health programs, a keen knowledge of public health holds vast benefits.

“We need Shelly as our next County Supervisor to advocate for the best interests of everyone in our community,” said Carol Lashman, chief operating officer of the Redwood City Education Foundation.

And our community has a genuine common interest: improvement.

“We need a future of innovation and collaboration,” Masur said. “We need a future that will protect families, continue to support seniors, and maintain quality education on all levels.”

So, with Masur advocating for an overall improvement to education, public health, and county services, she continues to gain the vote of many for San Mateo County's next Supervisor.  


- Anna Dagum, high school student


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