Outrageous Behavior

Is Rosanne Foust's "advisory vote" on the Cargill/DMB development a case of using her public office for private gain?

Rosanne Foust, a RWC city council member, on the massive Cargill/DMB project, a housing development that will require filling in valuable parts of SF Bay.   Rosanne Foust’s ties to Cargill/DMB are now well-known—as president and CEO of SAMCEDA, an organization that supports the Cargill/DMB project, her pro Cargill/DMB sympathies are clear. 

A while back, because of this obvious conflict of interest, council member Foust was forced by the Fair Political Practices Commission to recuse herself from participating in Cargill/DMB matters after complaints were received about her ties to Cargill/DMB.

The proposed “advisory vote” would, according to Foust, list the many “benefits” the project would bring to Redwood City residents.  In other words, this “advisory vote” will advertise the “benefits” touted by Cargill/DMB—all at taxpayers’ expense.  By putting such a measure on the November ballot, she and her Cargill/DMB allies will be using local government funds to promote their private financial interests. 

To provide a balanced picture for Redwood City residents, rather than listing just the imagined “benefits “of the Cargill/DMB project, a fair vote (advisory or otherwise) should list all the negative effects of the project that experts say are very likely to occur—huge traffic jams,  impacted schools,  harm to local businesses from increased competition,  higher rates for local residents due to water shortage, and more. 

At this juncture, Redwood City residents need to send a clear message to Rosanne Foust:   Measures or votes sponsored by city governments should not be used as veiled advertisements intended to enrich private companies 

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DEBROSE May 06, 2012 at 07:07 AM
I hope she changes her mind miss barb valley, sure your not an outatown stripper w that name.......if it offends you look somewhere else, its a free country hopefully i can change her mind, just to agravate you as much as youve all been a thorn in her side im sure.....perhaps our attorney can attach some punativedamages for harrasement,and deflamatory reterick, day after day after year after decade.... that shes had to endure your violation of her rights of quiet enjoynment...... what 33 years of your mouthy nastiness towards a commercial property business owner and taxpayer reaps in a courtroom for the victim SUZi im curious to see, do you have any adjacent commercial property or a vested interest other than keeping your better half out of the bookstore? thats your tell ...... miss namely the "secrets adult Wonderstore"
DEBROSE May 06, 2012 at 07:12 AM
Sue's got a massive grudge isnt it obvious ,shes the blight, she needs to donate her time she spends griping about something she hasnt a dime of equity in,to the elderly.....
DEBROSE May 06, 2012 at 07:34 AM
I have an idea, rename it, Wonderworld of FANTASIES,repaint and wire an electric lite show depicting custom condoms,and advocating safe sex, the green way.... plant a couple of trees cut like monkeys and elephants ,disney style and be glad you dont have to pay drugstore prices for inferior condoms that break easy so they can sell preg tests.....back to back...... revel that you live in a free country ,that the blood of our sons and fathers paidfor in full,and GO vote wisely ,,,,OBAMA ,forever OBAMA....
Barb Valley May 06, 2012 at 01:24 PM
@DEBROSE "out of town stripper". Thank you so much for my first laugh of the day! "out of town stripper". LOL! oh my.
StormtrooperStue May 16, 2012 at 02:25 PM
"they didn't need the neighborhoods approval" Unfortunately that is how corrupt our society has become. I don't really mind that an adult bookstore is being closed, I do mind that families are being thrown out of their homes due to beautification of their neighborhood. The truth is Mel's Bowl area will look nice but it will cause even worse slums in other parts of RWC. Those who live there now with a low income need to live somewhere. Where are they going to go?


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