$200,000,000 Bond Measure for MROSD

    Property owners in Portola Valley, Menlo Park, Woodside, Atherton, Redwood City and San Carlos take note.
The Mid-peninsula Regional Open Space District(MROSD)spent $500,000 of your property tax dollars on a "visioning and priority-setting process". They are now conducting a poll to test the waters for a $200,000,000 bond measure to make the collective vision a reality.
Vision this: San Mateo without an open space district.

Originally established as the Mid-peninsula Regional Park District, MROSD is already collecting $Millions in property taxes which could be supporting San Mateo County Parks and Recreation. It has acquired more than 60,000 acres of open space land which are no longer on the tax rolls. Since the change from Park District to Open Space District, recreational uses of those lands are relatively non-existent. There are no revenue-producing uses of those lands.

_________Brief History of MidPeninsula Regional Park District(MRPD)

August 1971 San Mateo County(SMC) Board of Supervisors(BOS) voted against creation of MRPD in their section of the midpeninsula.

March 1976 MRPD Board of Directors adopted Order to annex 81,500 acres of SMC land including the cities of Woodside, Portola Valley, San Carlos, Redwood City, Menlo Park, Atherton and certain adjoining unicorporated lands.

June 1976 Voters responded with 23.7% yes, 21.7% no with 54% ABSTAINING.
Not exactly a MANDATE!!

Redwood City vote was 17% yes, 21.7% no with 61.3% abstaining.
San Carlos vote was 20.7% yes, 23.2% no with 56.1% abstaining.
Woodside vote was 25.2% yes, 28.9% no with 45.9% abstaining.

1977 MRPD underwent "name change" to become MidPeninsula Regional Open Space District(MROSD) to reflect a de-emphasis on PARKS and Recreational activities.
_______MROSD should be detached from San Mateo County.

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Maria RUtenburg January 14, 2014 at 04:39 PM
This MidPeninsula Open Space District is engaged in a shameless and unconstitutional land grab in the name of a public good. It is another one of those costly government monsters that is eating up whatever little we have got left of our property rights. They always hope to hide under some clever marketing campaign of "let's protect more habitats and get more hiking trails" in order to divert our attention away from the harsh reality of what they are really after: your house, your land, your liberties. "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty" was never more true than now. Say NO to MPOSD, Grand Boulevard and all that Agenda 21. Preserve local control, accountability and, most of all, our Constitution.
crumpley January 14, 2014 at 05:19 PM
I am over-the-moon happy that there is some agency of our flawed system trying to preserve the last remaining open spaces we have. Its a miracle the peninsula hasn't been completely developed. This article is nothing but misguided yelling at clouds.
TM January 15, 2014 at 01:25 PM
Maybe Maria [above] would like to move to Los Angeles? It has more of an environment should would appreciate. MROSD rarely goes out and directly buys land from homeowners, farmers, and ranchers. Most of it is purchased through POST which raises donated money, and without strong arm tactics, approaches land owners about a possibility of purchase or land use agreements. THEN MROSD purchases it from POST often at 50 cents on the dollar rates. While MROSD is well funded [ as in not complaining about deficits] from our tax dollars, over all it is a well managed entity. I consider it a 'good bang for your buck' when you consider what our future generations are having a chance at.
Maria RUtenburg January 15, 2014 at 01:56 PM
Dear TM, you should probably consider People's Republic of China where everything is for the people by the people. Except you never know when you land might be taken away for "future generations." If MROSD is so well founded, why did they just spend $500,000 for a brainwashing campaign to see what is the least noticeable way to sneak in that $200,000,000.00 bond on us? As with many environmentalist arguments, they all sound good until you realize that something just does not compute...
Jack Hickey January 15, 2014 at 02:04 PM
The vision and priorities should be extended countywide. And, if approved by voters, it should be funded by existing taxes. A countywide measure prioritizing a few percent of the ad valorem property tax(1% of assessed value) could easily service a $200,000,000 bond. See: http://www.almanacnews.com/square/2013/06/01/dedicating-a-fraction-of-the-1-county-ad-valorem-property-tax-to-special-districts Property values have recovered and are going up. Surely the county, cities, school districts and the other government agencies could get by with a few percent cut in their share of this growing pot for such a wonderful cause!
Jack Hickey January 15, 2014 at 02:49 PM
A reasonable land management agency should generate enough revenue from a select portion of their lands to support maintenance and embellishment of the remaining land. Environmentally friendly(and green) golf courses come to mind.
crumpley January 15, 2014 at 08:27 PM
Maria wrote: "Dear TM, you should probably consider People's Republic of China where everything is for the people by the people." Maria, maybe you need to re-read the last sentence of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.
Jack Hickey January 23, 2014 at 08:15 PM
The link http://hickeyforsupervisor.com/CAPP/epgc.htm provides some history of Edgewood Park which includes: "Master Plan Report for Edgewood County Park" Prepared(in 1982) for the Division of Parks and Recreation San Mateo County - by CHNMB Associates. (excerpt) "The clubhouse will provide both golfers as well as other park users with indoor and outdoor sanitation and food-serving facilities. Inside will be ... an educational display showing park ecology and endangered habitats... The site of the clubhouse will provide visitors with an attractive setting among natural vegetation and offer excellent views overlooking the park." and, a link http://hickeyforsupervisor.com/CAPP/rtj.htm to a letter from Robert Trent Jones II in support of a golf course in Edgewood Park, as well as a letter from Cecil Andrus(then Secretary of the Interior)http://hickeyforsupervisor.com/CAPP/cecild.htm who contributed ~$1,000,000 from the Secretary's Discretionary Fund for the purchase of the Edgewood Park land for recreation and open spaces comprised of nature trails, picnic areas, a golf course and other compatible uses. MROSD should pursue revenue producing use of a small fraction of lands under its control, not a $200,000,000 bond measure.


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