Earth Things First, Mr. Romney

Denying the Earth’s rising oceans and symptoms indicating its desire to be healed, is much like our own sick, “health care” system.

I watched the Republican National Convention because I care about my life, my family, my community and my country. I want to know what leaders and potential leaders are thinking and saying. Our security depends upon it.

Republican Presidential Nominee, Mitt Romney, in his acceptance speech said, “President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans (followed by obligatory laughter) and to heal the planet (followed by a pregnant pause with the expression of “Oh brother” on his face). My promise is to help you and your family.”

My first thought was, did he really say that? Is that really the way this leader and decision maker thinks? And then I remembered it is how the majority of the world thinks and why most of our systems and institutions are failing.

Since artificially separating ourselves from the animal kingdom and world most pronounced with the advent of the Industrial Revolution, we have lost touch with the numinous intelligence in the world and in ourselves. We have lost touch with the transcendent truth that the Earth and all of Her inhabitants are self regulating and self healing, living beings–that the Earth and we are programmed for health and dynamic equilibrium. 

We have pulled so far away from knowing that our species is of the Earth, a mode–an expression of its existence that we actually have leaders who stand up in the year 2012 and mock that ancient respect, that ancient love of our common origins. 

Denying the Earth’s rising oceans and symptoms indicating its desire to be healed is much like our own sick, “health care” system. Symptoms arise because of a healthy, innate, genetic physiological response to stress created by the pathological environment we created out of this denial. We’ve been taught to go to the high priests of denial in corporate medicine and ask for something to mask it, to mock it while the ecosystems of our bodies scramble to make sense of the blatant disregard for its wisdom. The Earth empathizes.

The wisdom, the programmed intelligence in our bodies and in our world just keeps responding intelligently again and again with warning signals and worsened signs and symptoms as the mockery continues in the name of the primacy of business is good. One day, there’ll be a miracle cure for all that ails the human ecosystem and the global ecosystem. I’m a doctor, would I lie to you? I’m the President of the United States, would I lie to you? It’s bad for business.

“Health” insurance rates are skyrocketing and at all time highs because we just haven’t found that right combination of counterfeit wisdom and intelligence through some new toxic drug or procedure that will cure it all while we pay for the denial via the epidemic of diseases of adaptation and the ailing Earth. We just haven’t found a way to trick the Earth and our bodies out of their innate wisdom and intelligence. But when we do, business will be even better. Not.

You can't fool Mother Nature. 

The way to help me and my family, Mr. Romney, is to stop the charade and the denial that we are wiser and more intelligent than the power that created us. The way to help me and my family is to respect the Earth that gave us life and sustains us–even if it’s bad for business. The way to help is to practice this principle in everything you do. 

Earth things first, Mr. Romney. It’s no laughing matter.


Dr. Herby Bell is owner and director of Recovery Health Care, an integrated approach to addiction treatment in Redwood City, California. For more information please call 650 474 2121 or email:herbybell@me.com   

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