Can't-Miss Stories of the Week

Read what your neighbors had to say about a burglar hiding $12,000 between his buttocks and a former 49ers player allegedly assaulting his ex-boyfriend over soy sauce.

There's never a dull week along the Peninsula, but even some of these stories had us saying, "Huh?!"

Tom Ricks commented, "I was thinking it gives credence to the phrase "money coming out the ka-zoo" --I can only hope the stolen cash was in dollar bills......."


Former 49er Charged With Assaulting Ex-Boyfriend Over Soy Sauce

Michael Stogner wrote, "This is consistent behavior for our District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe

Look to race and not being a member of the Blue Team, if this was a white 47 year old CHP officer causing head injury to his wife in front of the children, he would dismiss the case.

Whited, Martin 2007"


Food Trucks Rolling Into Belmont

Jay Hartman commented, "This is great! There isn't enough variety in Belmont when it comes to food, so this is going to be a VERY welcome addition!"


Tami Espino wrote, "We would benefit tremendously if we had more young men like Dave in this world. Kind, considerate, intelligent and truly talented. Keep up the good work...make the world a better place! Go Niners!"


The New Morty's: It's All Hapenning on SOLA (South Laurel)

Ross Tassan commented, "So happy to see this article. I love the SOLA reference. I totally LOVE Morty's. The food has always been extremely tasty. I mostly dine there for dinner, but I tried the weekend brunch and was happily impressed."


Bag Ban Battle Rises to State Level

"Sister Madly," wrote, "this bag ban is in a word: stupid. 
10cents a bag in some cities should just be considered the cost of doing business.

for people who don't know...plastic bags were introduced in the 1970s - 1980s as an environmental IMPROVEMENT"


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