The Women’s Networking Alliance Expands into Redwood City! WNA announces opening of Redwood City chapter led by Tanja Rieck

SAN JOSE, January 14, 2014 - The Women's Networking Alliance announced the opening of its newest chapter in Redwood City on February 14, 2014. The Women's Networking Alliance is a Northern California based networking group formed to bring a group of women business owners together to help each other promote, grow and expand their businesses. As the Women’s Networking Alliance (WNA) continues to grow throughout the West Coast, it became very apparent that there was a need for a chapter on the Peninsula and Redwood City was a natural fit.

The Redwood City chapter, Chapter 124, is lead by Tanja Rieck, owner of Drift Away Travel (www.driftawaytrvl.com), an Redwood City based travel agency. WNA Chapter 124 covers the Peninsula and San Francisco areas. According to Ms. Rieck, WNA was clearly the right choice for both her and for small business owners on the Peninsula. "I have lived and worked in this area all my life and I know the area is lacking strong organizations like WNA. I have looked for other “networking” groups and have not found one in the area that focuses on women in the way WNA does. WNA will be able to help me and others look beyond just our immediate business needs and look outside of ourselves. When you do that, when you give back to others it only strengthens the woman focused business community,” stated Mrs. Rieck. 

In an effort to grow her business as the owner of Drift Away Travel, Tanja spent many hours researching women’s networking groups. While there were many groups available, none seemed to be directed at small business owners nor did they have the same mission as WNA which really attracted Tanja to the group. As the website states, “WNA is about forming sincere and genuine partnerships in an environment which is comfortable and "real.” 

In her research, Mrs. Rieck discovered the Women’s Networking Alliance and contacted WNA founder, Debbie Quintana, immediately to see how she could start her own chapter in Redwood City. “When I met Debbie and spoke to her about WNA I instantly felt it was the right organization for me. The focus was on empowering women in business and that is what I had been looking for. I am looking for personal growth as well as business growth and with joining WNA I know I will get the support that I need and also be able to give back and help others,” said Mrs. Rieck. 

WNA founder, Debbie Quintana, was thrilled with this prospect as she had always planned on expanding into the Peninsula.  “From the beginning stages of planning WNA, we always knew a chapter in the Northern Peninsula Area would be an important part of our growth.  Meeting Tanja made this possible.  She’s an absolute gem and will lead this group perfectly.”

As the Redwood City chapter is in its early stages, they are looking to build up their membership throughout Redwood City with other like-minded small business owners. To find out more about WNA and the Redwood City chapter, please visit the WNA website at http://www.womensnetworkingalliance.com/ or contact Tanja Rieck via her email at: driftawaytanja@yahoo.com.

About the Women's Networking Alliance: Founded in 2007, The Women's Networking Alliance was created to enable a networking of women business owners that can truly and genuinely help one another. Formed in small groups of no more than 30 businesswomen, each chapter is designed to ensure strong partnerships in an intimate setting.


Debbie Quintana, Founder

Women's Networking Alliance

Phone: 408-448-6131




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