What Techies and Entrepreneurs Are Reading this Week

Every week the good folks at Startup Digest share their favorite books to their subscribers. We thought you might be interested too.

Startup Digest is a resource for people interested in technology startups, how they work and how to get one started.

Once a week they send out a list of their favorite books. Curated by Co-Founder Chris McCann, Lead Engineer Chris Burnor and UI Designer Adrienne Tran, this week's list includes:

Why Startup Founders are Always Unhappy By Jess Lee

We are terrible at understanding absolute values but here some ideas to happiness high.

What Entrepreneurs Wish They’d Known before Founding Their First Startup By David Hauser

My favorite is "That you’re not supposed to know how to do anything right, and that’s o.k."

Fighting the Burn Out By Josh Arnold

What do you do you do when you hit the edge of human endurance.

The perfect email By David Cohen

If you are fundraising you should read this.

Surprising Insights From HubSpot's $35M Mezzanine Round By Brian Halligan

What you do early on has a surprising effect on what happens later.

How to Use Electronics All Day without Destroying Your Body By Gregory Ferenstein

As much as we might feign to admit it, we are physical beings, with hands and arms that hurt from long coding.

Why Does a Big Funding Round Slow Down Your Pace of Innovation? By Rand Fishkin

Investment in the foundation take a long time, and often don't show much visible progress to external observers.

Working Over Capacity By Gabriel Weinberg 

Human endurance is simply a way to improve your efficiency.

Social Hierarchies in Engineering Organizations By Will Larson

The classical engineering organization: meritocratic purity...or not?

Start something small By Joel Gascoigne

Great things start small.

Apollo 13: We Have A Solution By Stephen Cass

We all know the Apollo 13 problem. How did the engineers find a solution.

Permission to Suck By David Kadavy

Most people aren't good at something when they first start.

How to land a big fish By Anand Dass

If you are in sales read this.

Simplicity By Francis Pedraza

Simplicity is on the other end of complexity.

Upside vs Downside Risk By Chris Burnor

Risk is both a chance that bad things will happen, but it is also a chance that good things won't.

randy albin November 13, 2012 at 09:26 PM
what are regular readers reading? does the patch only cover silicon valley or what? this is a misleading article. most people read books, newspapers, etc.


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