A Student's Desire, A Company's Promise, and How You Can Help

Food service supplier 'fluc' promises to extend its service area to Redwood City if enough people sign this online petition.

fluc website
fluc website
Written by Dave Colby and Joan S. Dentler

A Redwood City student man is using the power of social media hoping to bring change to his personal life and perhaps the culinary lives of many that live near him.

Food delivery is hot business in Silicon Valley, where techies want good food but don't want to cook.
Fluc is a web and mobile application that allows you to order food from your favorite restaurants and get it delivered to you usually under 45 minutes. The word 'Fluc' stands for 'Food Lovers United Co.' which, according to the company's webiste "captures the soul of our company and our mission to unite food lovers in a new way."

Burlingame Patch reader, Bryce Nelson, is a fond customer of fluc, and because the service currently keeps within the Menlo Park and Palo Alto borders, Nelson has  started a petition on change.org asking fluc to extend their range, and bring their $5.95 per order food delivery service to Burlingame. At last check, Nelson's petition had 166 of the 250 needed to have fluc come to his town. 

And now, Elizabeth Slover, a student from Redwood City has started a petition to get the service in that city as well:  https://www.change.org/petitions/250-signatures-for-delivery-of-any-restaurant-to-your-home-get-fluc-to-deliver-to-redwood-city.

According to fluc spokesman Adam Ahmad, the Redwood City petition has already gotten 44 supporters out of the 250 required for fluc to launch there within one hour. 

Amad added that fluc has just added a feature that allows users to order food up to 365 days in advance.  Check it out here: fluc.com/business

TechCrunch wrote about fluc, a Silicon Valley startup, in July, saying the company "wants to differentiate itself mainly by the ability to customize your orders, and the fact that they do only food."


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