New Kid on the Block: The Sandwich Spot

Celebrate its one-month anniversary with a delicious sandwich.

The Sandwich Spot-- Today is the one-month anniversary of the sports-themed sandwich place. Pictures of all your favorite Bay Area teams line the cool blue walls, creating a lively atmosphere for a quick lunch break or an early dinner with a group of friends.

Once you step into the immaculate shop, the owner, David, and the employees serve you as if you've been buddies since elementary school.

The service is great and the sandwiches are delicious. If you love garlic, make sure to get a sandwich with their "secret sauce," David's mother's family recipe.

When The Sandwich Spot receives its liquor license, it will offer wine and beer as well as hookah, a favorite pastime of the owner. This will be available out in the spacious patio area.


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