Munch on Fantastic Mexican Cuisine at Milagros

The Peninsula Patch Editors decided to grab a bite in Redwood City. And where else to eat in a festive atmosphere but Milagros?

Unlike most Mexican restaurants, we weren't greeted with the usual never-ending bowls of crunchy, addicting tortilla chips. However, explained that their housemade tortilla chips couldn't be found in any supermarket aisle. Made to order with warm sea salt & toasted cumin with three different types of salsa, this $2 appetizer wouldn't put a dent in anyone's wallet. Plus, $1 of every order is donated to the Redwood City Education Foundation.

However, we were greeted by friendly staff that accommodated our large party of 15. Then the bountiful food came pouring in.

I was able to order two entrees, splitting with Belmont Patch Editor. The first entrée, “Sizzling Steak and Chicken Skillet Fajitas,” was a sight to behold, presented on a skillet that even I thought was too hot after I lightly brushed my index finger on the handle (no matter how much warning I receive of the hot temperature, I’ll still test the waiter or waitress’ words of caution.) The flavor of both meats were incredible amongst a medley of vibrant peppers and onions.

The variety of tacos in the Taqueria section of the menu was perfect for the eater with eclectic tastes, eager to sample each taco. The Mahi-Mahi, Chipotle Chicken, Churrasco Steak and Roasted Carnitas tacos were all so unique in flavor that it was difficult to choose a favorite. But the pulled pork carnitas are always a favorite of mine. The meat simmers in its own juices, creating a marinade that makes the meat incredibly moist.

And best of all, the outdoor patio makes Milagros a perfect spot for friends to enjoy the beautiful weather in Redwood City.  


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