How to Get Gamers to Exercise More

Striiv's new smartphone app rewards users for their physical activity with bonus lives to use in an online fantasy role-playing game.

Redwood City-based startup Striiv has taken two well-known facts about Bay Area people and designed a new iPhone app in response that they hope will encourage them to be more active in their daily life.

The two facts? One - busy Silicon Valley workers are more likely to take time out of their day to exercise if the method of fitness is fun; and two - they never go anywhere without their trusty smartphones.

Striiv's new, free smartphone fitness app, released last Tuesday, Oct. 16, uses a phone's GPS feature to track how many steps one takes in a day, and then rewards the user for hitting certain goals by giving them bonus features and extra "lives" in an online fantasy role-playing game that comes with the app, called "MyLand."

The app also encourages users to be more social about their physical activity level, by allowing them to sync up with and interact with friends and other Striiv users, such as by posting their activity to Facebook and allowing them to compare their activity level with others'.

"If you have a friend, you'll be active much longer," Striiv CEO David Wang told VentureBeat recently.

All in all, Striiv hopes that by making fitness fun, it will encourage people to live healthier lives.

“It’s not about losing weight,” he told VentureBeat. “It’s about weight awareness. If you know your weight, you’ll make healthier choices during the day.”

Last year, Striiv designed and released a $99 fitness measurement device that fits in your pocket and boasts more features, such as an altimeter that has the ability to count how many steps or stairs one takes in a day. The device is still for sale, but Wang said he thinks the company's new iPhone app will allow them to reach a broader audience.

According to VentureBeat, Striiv was founded in 2010, and since then, they have raised approximately $7.5 million in funding.

For more information, visit www.striiv.com.


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