Ready, Set, Build: Construction Begins on 333 Main Apartments

Work will take place Monday through Friday.

The , the , the all have grand plans to become part of the housing fabric of the Redwood City community. But the four-story 333 Main St. apartment complex has officially become the first to break ground, reported the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal.

Construction will take place Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. with an estimated completion date of summer 2013.

The 132-unit apartment is the first rental development in Redwood City in over a decade. Many local housing organizations and analysts have repeatedly stressed the . The $20 million development adjacent to Redwood Creek would provide 17 units at a price of 15 percent below market rate housing, an affordable option for residents in the area, said Todd Regonini of San Mateo-based developer Saris Regis.

In a city council candidate forum, then Vice Mayor Alicia Aguirre highlighted 333 Main Street, amongst others, as a good example of bridging the housing shortfall in the city and county.

Of the 132 units, 70 would be one bedroom, 59 would be two bedroom units and just a handful would be three bedroom, Regonini said. The development would be no more than four stories, following the precise plan.

Developers plan to incorporate Redwood Creek as much as possible, viewing the body of water as a great resource for the community.

“The creek is a huge amenity,” Regonini said. “And rather than everything turning its back on it, we want the residents to be able to see it.”

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