CES Profile: RoboteX of Palo Alto

The Consumer Electronics Show officially kicks off today. Among the companies vying for attention is Palo Alto's RoboteX.

The scope of the annual Consumer Electronics Show is breathtaking—thousands of companies from more than 100 countries all clamoring for attention and orders.

Kicking off Tuesday morning in Las Vegas, the CES will debut plenty of gadgets that we’d all love to add to our lives. Among the companies seeking consumer favor—RoboteX of Palo Alto.

The company has gained widespread success by selling its robots, which roughly resemble streamlined toy tanks, to police agencies. They can be sent to check out hazardous situations without endangering the lives of first responders.

But do you need one rolling around your house? RoboteX hopes so. The company’s website touts the device as being “Built from the same technology being used by hundreds of law enforcement agencies from across the world, the Avatar Home & Office allows you to patrol and monitor your home or office in real-time, no matter where you are.”  

The home version will begin shipping later this year, so deposits are currently being taken.

RoboteX is located at 1400 Page Mill Road, Suite 100, Palo Alto, 94304.

Oh, one more thing—they’re hiring!

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