Are We Paying Too LITTLE for Gas?

As gas prices ratchet up to almost $5 per gallon for regular, some transportation specialists argue that we may not be paying enough.


Could it be? Are Americans enjoying the second-lowest gasoline prices in the world just after oil-exporting Mexico?  We are, says Randy Salzman, a transportation management researcher and author of the upcoming book, "Yes We Can: Getting Americans to Back Away From the Steering Wheel."

In Sunday's New York Times, Salzman contends that while oil costs the same around the world, other nations put higher fees on gas consumption.

However, a cruise around Redwood City for the sole purpose of observing gas prices may lead drivers to think otherwise.

The lowest gas prices this editor found on Tuesday morning were at Chevron on Woodside Road. But at $4.20 per gallon for regular, it's tough to feel "lucky" about our pump prices.

Check out Redwood City Patch's "Commute" tool to always know where the cheapest gas in town is.

Salzman says that if we'd use our cars smarter, we'd avoid a host of gas-guzzling related problems, not the least of which is keeping our children's children from fighting wars in the Middle East.

And many of us make a concerted effort to do just that---we drive hybrids, we carpool, we bike/walk, we take public transportation, and some of us work from home. But despite our best conservation efforts, we are still a car culture and will pay whatever is asked at the pump.

Take our poll below and tell us what steps you're taking to use less gas.

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Rex April 10, 2012 at 08:30 PM
Rising gas prices are not good for an economic recovery, but I think we could get used to it if it rose slowly and predictably. The quick, huge upswings are scary for most everyone. This includes car manufacturers trying to predict at the design stage how important gas mileage will be at the time the car is introduced, based on the price of gas.


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