The Birds Are Coming!

B.O.B., or “Birds on Broadway” will be flocking to Redwood City soon.

As if Redwood City weren’t already colorful enough, another art installation of six bird sculptures will nest scattered in the downtown area.

As a preview of what’s to come from the rest of Oregon artist Joe Pogan’s art, there is one lone “B.O.B.” in the Gallery Annex downtown.

The rest of B.O.B.’s friends will be commissioned and installed in various locations on Broadway Avenue along with a plaque that challenges viewers to find all of the sculptures.

"The locations are a secret," said Beth Mostovoy of the Peninsula Arts Council. "But we do have his future home picked out!"

B.O.B. and his feathered friends were made using found metals, so each bird is unique and eco-friendly.

The installation was funded by the Redwood City Civic Cultural Commission and coordinated by the Peninsula Arts Council.  

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Merrily January 23, 2012 at 03:16 AM
We saw it in the window and thought it was great! Had no idea it was a BOD!


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