Photos: Awards and Applause for the Arts

From an operatic Woodside High student to Neil and Pegi Young, nine San Mateo County honorees were recognized for their artistic contributions.

With near perfect acoustics at Kohl Mansion, nine recipients thanked the Peninsula Arts Council for their awards and stressed the importance of preserving and supporting the arts in San Mateo County.

The recipients were:

  • Art in Action, Arts Organization
  • Troy Paiva, Individual Artist
  • Julia Belanoff, Ray Lorenzato Young Artist
  • Bonny Zanardi, Arts Volunteer
  • Shely Pack-Manning, Arts Educator
  • San Mateo Daily Journal, Local Business Support
  • Francesca Eastman, Donor Support
  • Neil and Pegi Young, Special Recognition

And no arts banquet could be held without a little music.The Mercy High Chamber Chorale performed an African number and the Ray Lorenzato young artist, Woodside High student Julia Belanoff belted out an original song she wrote when she was at Columbia University in New York and homesick for the Bay, "Good Night San Francisco."

Her delicate, yet powerful performance even moved some audience members to tears. Those who hadn't heard her perform were taken aback by the voice that came from such a tiny frame.

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