'Honk!' the Musical Teaches Tolerance

The Bay Area Educational Theater Company will be presenting "Honk!" in Redwood City on Friday. The musical will be playing through April 29 and features performers from throughout the Peninsula and East Bay.

From the county's to high school groups , a message of tolerance is seizing the Peninsula. This Friday, this theme of tolerance is coming to for a special musical performance "Honk!"

The musical, which is about a duckling named Ugly who is rejected by everyone but his mother, will be playing through April 29. The goal of the musical is to teach tolerance.

The musical is put on by the Bay Area Educational Theater Company, a nonprofit group run by volunteers that works to foster self-esteem, individuality and teamwork, especially among kids. Entire families, like that of Danielle Brewer of San Bruno, participate in the theater company.

Brewer said the theater company is special because it has participants ranging from 5 years old to 70 years old and older. The family-oriented theater company welcomes everyone, and they have children of all skill levels and also have worked with kids with various disabilities, including those with autism.

"I call us the AYSO of theater because everyone plays, no on gets cut and everyone who auditions gets in the show," Brewer said. "And we never turn any kids away based on being able to afford it."

"Honk!" features performers from Redwood City all the way to San Bruno and even into the East Bay, including Richmond and San Leandro.

For more information about the musical, visit www.bayareaetc.org or email tickets@bayareaetc.org. Tickets are $19 for adults and $14 for students and seniors.

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