VIDEO: Behind the Scenes of the Boys & Girls Club’s Obama 2020 Video

An inside look into the close-knit family that produced a video advocating equal education for all.

It’s an unlikely cast of supporters: President Obama, pop music sensation the Black Eyed Peas, Adobe Software and the U.S. Department of Education, but the Redwood City Boys and Girls Club has collaborated with all of them to steer at-risk youth onto the path of success.

A month ago, a group of teens traveled to Washington D.C. to perform their song, “20/20 Vision” in front of hundreds of politicians and elected officials, notably President Obama. The “Peapod Academy,” aptly named because of their affiliation with the Black Eyed Peas and the Adobe Youth Voices, turned the President’s call for the most college graduates by the year 2020 into a heartfelt message that could resonate with youth across the country.

Watch their journey from tumultuous beginnings to a polished performance on a national stage. The full video is also attached.


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