Significant Winter Swell Hits Mavericks This Week

Here's a look at some 'waves and rides' at Mavericks from Powerlines Productions.

Powerlines Productions out of El Granada is an independent producer of surfing entertainment and movies, chronicling surfing around the world.

Here's their latest "Booties Needed," featuring some waves and rides at Mavericks on Monday, Jan. 12.

This week marks the first significant swell that's hit Mavericks so far this winter.

"Mavericks showed its grit ... Looks like the Pacific is opening up to bring us some winter swells!" write the creators of the video above.

When Mavericks Invitational, Half Moon Bay's international big wave surfing event, will happen is yet to be determined. Surfline.com shows wave height is expected in the 15 to 20 foot range by late Sunday but no date has been set for the contest.


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