Makeshift Memorial Set Up at Crash Site

Well-wishers have been visiting the intersection to pay their respects and leave gifts.


Balloons, flowers, sympathy cards and teddy bears surround a pole at the crosswalk on the corner of Jefferson Avenue and Alameda de las Pulgas where, on Monday morning, a young local bicyclist was killed in a collision with a pickup truck.

The 14-year-old Redwood City girl was riding her bicycle to school at Woodside High when, police believe, the wet road may have caused her to skid and tip over as she attempted to make a right-hand turn onto Alameda de las Pulgas from eastbound Jefferson Avenue.

The truck was also making the same right-hand turn at the time they collided.

Patch readers have been commenting on our Monday article as well as sending e-mails, cautioning everyone about the dangers of speeding drivers in the area around the intersection.

"I live on Farmhill and we saw the end result of this accident yesterday. My heart hurts for her parents and family. People need to slow down on Farmhill and Jefferson, period!" wrote Patch reader Jamie Vallo. "I, myself, have almost been hit at least four times just pulling my car out of my driveway by speeding vehicles. Again, my condolences to the parents and family of this poor little angel."

Well-wishers have been stopping by the intersection since Monday night to pay their respects and connect with other locals.

Out of respect to the family, Patch has decided not to publish the victim's name at this time.


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Michael G. Stogner November 28, 2012 at 01:30 AM
My thoughts and prayers are with the family and loved ones.
billyjames November 28, 2012 at 06:42 PM
Thanks for calling it a "crash" and a "collision," rather than as one of your headlines had it yesterday, "Bicycle Accident Redwood City." How about truck "accident?" How about neither? Sure it's an accident in that the collision was unintended, but the word implies no person or thing is to blame.
Reality Check November 28, 2012 at 10:15 PM
I think we (especially RCPD) need to better understand how this happened. I am having trouble visualizing how a truck driver can lawfully turn right from Jefferson onto Alameda de las Pulgas such that a bicyclist also turning right can end up being crushed by the truck. My understanding of the law is that vehicles turning right must safely merge into the bike lane before making the turn. This is specifically to avoid hitting bicyclists to the right of the vehicle who may either be planning to go straight or turn right as well. Ah, OK, I just looked at the intersection via Google Maps Streetview: http://goo.gl/maps/OVsFp As the above street view link shows, there *is* no bike lane on eastbound Jefferson leading the bike lane on southbound Alameda. Nevertheless, I still want to understand how the truck driver can legally and blamelessly run over and kill a bicyclist at this corner ... let alone a very bright and promising high school girl who was presumably a relatively experienced and street-wise cyclist. Can any witnesses explain how this tragic fatality unfolded in such a way that the truck driver is blameless? (It's certainly possible, I suppose, but I'm having trouble coming up with a credible/likely scenario.) What a tragic and ironic shame that our illustrious and questionably bike-friendly city council just put the kibosh on a very detailed and impressive city staff proposal to add bike lanes to Farm Hill/Jefferson to the Alameda!


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