Pete's Harbor: Redwood City's Bayside Treasure

Pete's Harbor and the Waterfront Restaurant afford Bay Area residents an opportunity to explore Redwood City's natural and rustic charm.

In 1955, the area that currently houses the entirety of Pete's Harbor (including the Waterfront Restaurant, Bair Island Walking Loop, and RV park) was nothing more than 20 acres of swamp and salt flats bordering the outskirts of Redwood City.

Today, however, Pete's Harbor stands tribute to the work of a man named Pete Uccelli, who overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles in order to develop the land and expand his vision for a privately owned and hand-built harbor.

Uccelli worked three years before the harbor was in working order, and it was another 15 years before the original restaurant, The Harbor House, opened its doors to boaters and visitors alike. In 2002, the restaurant underwent a change in ownership, and the Rodriguez family (who changed the name to the ) now carry on the tradition of hospitality and hard work that Pete Uccelli always strove for.

This week's View Finder captures the natural wonders that visitors of the harbor can find today, including the wooden framed restaurant, the boating docks, and the waterfront scenery so unique to this portion of Redwood City.

Pete's Harbor remains one of Redwood City's most serene and unexplored areas, making it the perfect getaway for a day trip with the whole family. No matter the time of year, there's always something to do or see at Redwood City's Pete's Harbor!

Note: Special thanks to the Waterfront Restaurant's "Pete's Harbor History" which provided me with fun and little known facts about the Harbor's founding.


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