Video: Dozens March to Chase Bank to Save Woman’s Home

Redwood City resident Gloria Takla, 72, faces imminent foreclosure on her home. But Occupy Redwood City won’t let her give up her home without a fight.

Dozens rallied in the San Mateo County Center Thursday evening in preparation to march to Chase Bank to demand that they give a 72-year-old woman a loan modification.

Redwood City resident Gloria Takla faces a foreclosure on her home April 9 if she cannot pay $2,600, a substantial increase from the $1,500 monthly payment the bank said she would owe when she first secured the loan.

Though the protestors could not enter the bank, Takla and her daughter were let inside and spoke with several employees. Though Takla didn’t receive an extension, she was given the contacts of several Chase employees who wielded much more authority than the employees at the Redwood City branch.

“They seemed happy with the progress that was made,” said James Lee of Occupy Redwood City.

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Buck Shaw March 02, 2012 at 04:08 PM
Do you have any details of her mortgage? Something sounds odd. Man in green sweatshirt in viedo says foreclosure will take Thirty Thousand dollars out of the Tax system for both City and County? If the home is forclosed on then the Bank ownes it so the bank pays the Taxes. Taxes never stop being payed on property. Mybe delayed 5 years at the most but then its sold for the Taxes. Don't forget the old saying "Death and Taxes are the only certanties in life" What do you think Lou? Your perspective would be nice. Thanks


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