Obama Gains Early Crowd of On-lookers

Hours before his scheduled arrival, observers had already begun to crowd around the Fox Theatre.

By 3 p.m. when all the surrounding streets had closed down in anticipation of President Barack Obama’s visit to and observers had to exit , residents began camping out at nearby tables and even brought their own lawn chairs.

Lee Kasten, a Redwood City resident, said he couldn’t afford a ticket and was instead observing from a side table outside .

“This is a once in a lifetime event,” Kasten said. “And this is a very unique venue.”

Former Redwood City resident Mimi Perez, who now lives in Redwood City, said, "It is such an honor to be visited by the President. There are so many places in the country and he chose here." 

"I'm so proud to tell all my family and friends," she added. "My heart belongs to Redwood City."

Another observer, Nelson Randick, said he was eagerly anticipating the President’s arrival. Though he is a Republican, he plans to vote for Obama in November.

“His book, Letters to My Father, was very inspirational,” Randick said.

He added that the visit would help the downtown area retailers.

“I heard Obama likes truffles,” Randick said, referencing the book. “So maybe he’ll stop by Young’s Ice Cream & Candy Bar.”  


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