Young Outliers Summer Camp

Looking for a summer camp that will pique the interest of your 8-13 year old? Is your kid bored of the same summer camps they've been attending and want something different this summer? What if your kid could learn about science, design and sell their own product on an online marketplace?
Young Outliers (www.youngoutliers.com) camp offers four innovative courses based on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) topics. Kids make up their own science fiction stories and bring it to life on Minecraft. They learn about the science of water molecules and create science jewelry they sell online. Kids will make up their own lyrics and songs using GarageBand and upload it to YouTube.
9-13 year olds interests are changing. Now is the time to teach them how STEM subjects relate to their everyday life using the coolest technologies and help them earn money. YOU teaches them to become Design Engineers and Entrepreneurs. 
Come to www.youngoutliers.com and check out the courses we offer in Palo Alto, CA:  Design Science, Design Sci Fi, Design Song & Design World


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