What about the soot on the ground from the Sims Fire?

I haven't seen any health warnings about the soot that is on the ground….  I would think it might contain chemicals we don't want to track into our homes…  I just hosed down my driveway deck and  the path to my front door since it had so much soot… anyone know about this?
CitizenJ November 22, 2013 at 01:13 PM
Good question - I'd bet Cargil lawyers know the answer! The Salt bed on the fields across from Simms was coated with the soot, just wonder where that salt will go eventually - I'd bet Simms gets fined but who gets the money? The city? The state? the Feds? Seems like people affected should be getting something. It is also interesting that they were able to stockpile such a big pile of flamables without disposing of them regularly thereby minimizing the issue of accidental fires. My guess is the rubber had been being stockpiled since 2007's fire. Who needs proper disposal? The fine is probably less than the cost to remove and dispose. These points should be investigated and reported. Too bad there are so few investigative reporters anymore.


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