Shirley Temple died last night at age 85

Shirley Temple -- America's Sweetheart -- woke me up in bed one morning!
It was about 7 a,m, on a Saturday, and the Redwood City Tribune had gone to press about five hours earlier. I was city editor.
Mrs. Black telephoned me to complain that we had associated her with the wrong charity in a story in that morning's newspaper.
I have forgotten the details, but who forgets being awakened in bed at home by the once most popular movie star in America!
Jim Clifford February 11, 2014 at 11:40 AM
As a reporter, I had to call her when one of her old co-stars died. It was always the same line, but a good one: "I only remember their belt buckles." Right away, you could see her dancing knee high next to some one whose name you had had to look up in a book on movies. The last time I talked with her was when Lyle Talbot died about 20 years ago. I only remember her being anything but gracious just once. That was when I interviewed her about a new film on her famous Depression era movies. "I don't get a penny from that." she said. I bought the movie anyway and show it to my grandchildren. It was great to hear this wonderful woman who brought so much pleasure to a troubled world simply say your name I can still hear "Jim."


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