Realizing My True Potential

2013 has been a year of dramatic change and tremendous growth for me! I have achieved health and fitness goals I NEVER though possible. I am loving my life these days...in a healthy body and a positive frame of mind. I started a new career as a Beachbody Coach and I look forward to every single day!

But my life wasn't always like this. I was in the dumps in the beginning of this year and one day in January I made a decision that turned my life around. I joined a Health & Fitness Group!

I achieved amazing results and loved the experience so much, I decided to become a Beachbody Coach and now conduct monthly Health & Fitness Groups for others, such as yourself!

Please take a moment to read my story. My hope is that my story can help to inspire others and that it can be that small beacon of hope for someone else!

I am no different from you. You just have to decide it's time to change. :)

Nikki Boyle



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