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Looking to lease private land/open space (Peninsula/Coastside)

I am a professional dog walker and I am seeking a private property owner with some open space to lease me access to their land (or just part of it) for a few hours a day, on weekdays. Unfortunately, in the last few years, a series of regulations have been implemented that make it almost impossible to legally let my daily dogs romp off-leash and enjoying being. . . well, dogs.

In 13 years of business, I have built a wonderful clientele and enjoy referrals from local vets, pet stores and trainers. I will be a respectful and utterly grateful tenant. I pay on time. And I can pay upfront. All of the dogs in my handling have been screened and are socialized and friendly. I never have aggressive dogs.

I will absolutely sign a waiver releasing the property owner of any liability. I will also adhere to a strict "clean up" policy and ensure that the land will remain clean and clear. An acre or two or three.. some trails or even just a meadow or field. I can lease as an individual, or if you are interested, I am sure that I could encourage a few other dog walking businesses to pay a fee for access as well.

I hope that this offer appeals to either a sympathetic dog lover, or just a business savvy property owner. I am open to properties within 30-40 minutes of San Carlos- perhaps Woodside, Skyline, Montara, Half Moon Bay, Redwood City etc. I would only need access for a few hours a day, during normal business hours, Monday-Friday.

I have references and I would love to meet any land owner to discuss in person. I can be reached at 650-400-4278.

For the love of dog. . . please, please, please let us come play=)


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