International Students Seek Host Families

The world can be a scary place sometimes, but YOU can make it better by hosting a Foreign Exchange student from all over Europe and Asia. World Heritage is seeking a family, couples or single parents (with or without children at home) who are fun-loving, and caring to host and exchange student. YOU GET TO HELP CHOOSE A STUDENT FOR YOU! Concerned about the cost of hosting an exchange student? Rest assured; your financial commitment is minimal. You merely provide meals and a room. In fact, your student may even share a room with a child of the same sex who is close in age. Exchange students provide their own medical and liability insurance coverage. Spending money is the responsibility of the students and their natural parents. Your most important contribution is far from monetary. It comes from your heart—a willingness to welcome a student into your home by making them feel like a true member of the family. Our students are aged 15-18 and come from Europe and Asian countries. They are all eagerly awaiting the news that a family like yours can share your culture and home!

If you are interested, please message me or go to www.whhosts.com today for information!


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