'At Large' Elections vs. By District

Measure B would change the way we vote for our County Supervisors in San Mateo County by changing to a by district election system. I urge you to vote yes on Measure B.

When you elect a county supervisor to fight for your beliefs you expect that supervisor to be elected by you.

Your neighbors should not be allowed to choose a county supervisor for you when that supervisor doesn't even represent them.  Elections are about representing as much of the population as possible.  To form a better democracy we need to take steps toward a more representative government.

Measure B is a good step towards a more representative government for San Mateo County.  By changing from "at large" elections that allow the whole county to vote for a county supervisor for a specific district is a clear violation of that district's right to vote for a candidate that they believe is the right choice for them.

Both "at large" and by district elections discriminate against minorities but by district is the right step toward a better democracy.  

In the current system a minority district that supports a candidate can be beaten because of voters from outside their district.  That makes no sense.  Why would we allow people that won't be represented by a candidate pick that candidate? That's not democracy.  

By district elections will allow people within the district to choose their county supervisor.  A minority group won't be outvoted by a majority group from a totally different area.  This will lead to a better reflection of the actual beliefs and values of that district.

Those who oppose Measure B argue that it isn't a total comprehensive change that makes the system totally fair.  That argument is the same argument that a smoker says when he tries to quit but decides against it because one day without smoking wouldn't totally get him to quit.  

It takes many steps to achieve a perfect democracy and this is one of the stepping stones.  I urge you to vote yes on Measure B.

If you'd like more info go to: https://sites.google.com/site/sanmateocountyfairelections/

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Michael Williams November 04, 2012 at 08:04 AM
District Voting has destroyed the once-beautiful and once-successful City of San Francisco. Districts largely composed of less affluent groups, racial minorities, and transient youths elected their own single-issue Supervisors. Then, as a majority of the city/county Board of Supervisors, proceeded to systematically and legally loot the city of its treasury, and destroy the essential city services. The streets of San Francisco are now littered with garbage and raked with gang violence. The police and fire services have been decimated. The schools and community college system are on the verge of collapse. Homeowners - mostly ordinary working people and seniors - must constantly clean up the rubbish, graffiti and damage to their homes. And the District-elected Supervisors continue to hand out free food, housing, and medical care to all comers - while taxing resident homeowners and local companies with never-ending fees and fines. What they've done to that beautiful city is nothing short of a crime. Do you really want San Mateo County to go down that road? A supervisor elected by a countywide electorate must focus on countywide issues and solutions to get elected and remain in office. We need county governance dedicated to serving all the needs of all the people - not another gang of self-interested politicians grabbing only what they want for themselves and their own special interests. District elections for San Mateo? No damn way!
Jim C November 05, 2012 at 07:40 PM
Right on, Michael! Measure B is the road toward special interests taking over county government. NO ON B!
Michael G. Stogner November 08, 2012 at 04:16 AM
District elections in San Mateo County.......Nice


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